How can I apply discounts when shopping online?

The Organizer of the given match is entitled to define the discounts applicable to the ticket prices.

The discount can be selected by clicking on the „Original price” drop-down window on the cart page and after the discount is selected the system will automatically modify the ticket price. The discount is assigned to each ticket individually. In some cases, e.g. in a promotional period, the discount is set automatically. Please make sure prior to the payment completion that the tickets are purchased at the appropriate prices as it is not possible to redeem the tickets or have the discount applied retrospectively after the purchase. Please note that entry may be denied in case of the unauthorized application of the discount.


What should I do if I cannot open the auditorium view?

Please note that for the auditorium ticket selection the latest version of the browser program is recommended. You can download the latest version of the most popular browser programs from the following links:

Mozilla Firefox download

Google Chrome download


What can I do if the webpage is not working properly?

For the use of the webpage the following browser programs are recommended: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. In case you are using the interface with a browser other than the above listed browsers and experience any issues in its operation, please try to use the webpage with any of the above listed browser programs. In case you continue experiencing issues with the webshop, please contact Customer Service.


How can I check what kind of tickets I have placed into my cart?

By clicking on the „Proceed to cart” button you can move to your cart interface where you can check its content. The cart time is 15 minutes from placing the first ticket into the cart. When browsing on the site, by clicking on the Cart icon in the top right corner of the page you can access your cart and see the tickets you have placed in your cart.


Can I book tickets?

No. It is not possible to book tickets in the valogatottjegy.mlsz.hu online shopping system. In case payment is not completed within 15 minutes from the tickets being assigned, the system will automatically release the assigned tickets and places those into the auditorium open for sale.


Where can I buy tickets in person?

It is possible to buy tickets in person throughout Hungary at different ticket offices that are in partnership with InterTicket Kft.Tickets are available for pre-purchase at the following main ticket offices:

1. Broadway Ticket Hungary Kft. - 1075 Budapest, Károly krt. 21.

2. Westend Jegyiroda Kft. - 1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3.

3. IBUSZ Sportiroda - 1066 Budapest Oktogon 3.

4. IBUSZ / Gruber Travel - EUROCENTER ÓBUDA 1032 Budapest, Bécsi út 154.

5. Papp László Budapest Sportaréna ticket offices - 1148 Budapest, Ifjúság útja 5.


When is a name-specific ticket sale mandatory?

Ticket sales must be carried out on a name-specific basis for football matches covered by Act I of 2004 on Sports and Government Decree 54/2004 (III.31.) on the Safety of Sporting Events posing as a special security risk, or for matches posing as a higher security risk according to the special decision of ORFK based on the recommendation of the Qualification Committee, or for those ordered by the MLSZ Disciplinary Committee. For other matches the Sports Organization organizing the match (in consultation with the guest sports organization) shall decide at its sole discretion on the name-specific ticket sales and on the use of fan cards.


When is the use of a Club Card/Football Card mandatory?

The sports organization is entitled to stipulate for its fans if in case of name-specific ticket sales the passes and entry tickets could be purchased only with the use/by being the holder of a Club Card/Football Card. It can also waive this obligation.

This decision may be regulated by the sports association separately for pass or entry ticket purchases through the internet (online) or purchases in person and in ticket offices.

What should I do if the ticket system indicates that a ticket was purchased for my name?

If you are confident that an unknown person has misused your personal information, please report it to MLSZ or contact our customer service until 12 o’clock on the third working day following the match the latest.


Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order at any time before pressing the ‘Pay’ button. Once the ‘Pay’ button has been pressed however, you have purchased the ticket and have entered into a contract in which, on the basis of 1. §. (4) b) Government Decree 17/1999. (II. 5.) the right to withdraw your order does not apply.


What happens after I have paid for the tickets?

Once you have paid for your tickets on the website, you will need to print your tickets or download the tickets to your Smartphone. If you experience any problems with your order, please contact our Customer Service.


What should I pay attention to when entering my credit card information?

When entering your credit card information, please note the following:

  • Card name: please enter the name of the card holder indicated on the credit card;

  • Card number: please enter the 16-digit number indicated on the card (15-digit in case of Amex cards) without spaces and dashes.If you are using an OTP Maestro card with a 10-digit card number, please enter 675761 in front of the characters indicated on the card. Important! The credit card number is not the same as the bank account number;

  • Expiry date: the expiry date is indicated on the card in a month/year format (e.g. 10/19 - Oct 2019). Please select the expiry date of your card from the drop-down windows;

  • Security code: also referred to as CVC2. Embossed cards (Visa Classic, MasterCard and American Express) always have a verification code indicated. Other credit card types may have a security code as well. It is the last 3-digit character of the number that is indicated on the back of the card above/below/next to the card holder's signature. In case your card has a CVC2 code please enter the code when making payment;


What should I do if the transaction is interrupted?

The ticket system communicates with different financial service provider interfaces during the purchase process. Please be patient during these processes. The ticketing system will send you information on the results of each purchase. Do not close your browser, interrupt or restart a payment that has already begun! By exiting early or blocking, the confirmation e-mail may not be sent to you. The transaction may be interrupted due to a technical communication error. In case you experience such problems, please contact our Customer Service for consultation. Under no circumstances should you initiate a new purchase!


What happens if someone gives me a ticket registered in their name? Can I enter the stadium using this ticket?

No. The Law on Sports stipulates that in order to gain entry to the stadium you must possess a ticket registered in your name. Security personnel may request for you to verify your identity at the stadium entrances. If your ticket is in the name of another person, you shall be denied entry. 

Anyone can enter the stadium with a non-registered ticket (subject to the general rules).


When do I have the possibility to change the name appearing on a ticket?

Transferring the name for which the ticket was purchased in the webshop or at a ticket office can be done 72 hours prior to the match. Name-specific tickets purchased with a Club Card can only be transferred to another Club Card (its holder). For more information 
click on this link.


What should I do if I mistakenly provided inaccurate invoice data?

If the Customer has inaccurately provided the customer information to be included on the invoice and the invoice has been issued with this incorrect content, the Customer has the opportunity to request the amendment of the invoice one time. Considering the accounting and tax obligations and deadlines, the request of amendment must be notified within the calendar month of the delivery date of the invoice and within the 5th calendar day of the following calendar month. Subsequent modification of the details of the issuance certificate issued at the time of the purchase of the voucher is not possible.


What is an e-invoice?

The e-invoice is issued and sent electronically. E-invoices must be stored in electronic form as it qualifies as an original and authentic copy in this way. In case it is printed, the printed version should be considered a copy.


What should I do if I have lost my confirmation?

In case your confirmation e-mail is lost, please contact our Customer Service.


What should I do if I have misread the date of the match?

The system collects the selected tickets in the shopping cart, where you can check again your ticket information: for which match it is issued, where and when it is held, and how much the ticket costs. Please make sure that the tickets you intend to buy are the ones added to the cart, as we will not be able to correct any mistakes.


Is my debit- and credit card information handled securely?

Yes. Security of payment by cards is guaranteed by the OTB Bank’s / CIB Bank’s / K&H Bank’s well-tested secure payment systems. The whole payment process is carried out using a secure HTTPS connection. Naturally, neither InterTicket, nor MLSZ has access to your credit card data.


What information is stored about me?

In case of a name-specific ticket purchase the match organiser shall manage your personal data in accordance with the Law on Sports and in compliance with privacy laws. Pursuant to the Law on Sports your personal data is automatically deleted from the system three working days after the match. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.


Can I register twice with the same e-mail address?

No. Due to security reasons it is not possible to register twice with the same e-mail address.


When and where can I contact with the InterTicket Customer Service?

Phone: +36-1-235-0761

E-mail address: mlsz@interticket.hu

On weekdays: 09:00-17:00 hrs

On weekends: 09:00-15:00 hrs

On match days: 09:00 hrs –until the end of the first half

Within 3 days prior to the match: between 09:00 and 18:00 hours


How can I enter the Fan Club?

You can enter the Fan Club through the following webpage: https://szurkoloiklub.mlsz.hu/ by entering a valid Fan Club card and PIN.

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