Purchase Information

1. Service description

You are currently using the electronic ticket purchase system provided for the Hungarian Football Federation (hereinafter referred to as MLSZ) by InterTicket Kft. By using this application you can purchase tickets (hereinafter referred to as Entry ticket) electronically for football matches held in Hungary or in other countries according to the following. On the MLSZ ticket sales page you can get information on upcoming Hungarian football matches and football matches played abroad, the available tickets for the matches and the prices. You may purchase an Entry ticket for the selected football match using your credit card if you are over 18 years of age and are not subject to any exclusion, disqualification or ban for that match and / or venue according to the Sports Police Administration managed by the Police (hereinafter referred to asSRNY) and also meet the conditions stipulated for the match/sector. In the case of a name-specific ticket sale, it is only possible to make a purchase after entering the required personal information or entering your Club / Football Card information. The Organizer of domestic matches is the MLSZ, while the Organizer of matches held abroad or away is the foreign (domestic) sports organization (collectively referred to as the Organizer). The Organizer may make the purchase of tickets subject to additional conditions, e.g. requiring your passport number or existing membership in a Fan Club, etc., of which you shall receive information on the page the respective match. Any advertisements displayed on this site are managed by MLSZ and its affiliated organizations and are not within the competence of InterTicket Kft.


2. Ticket selection

Please note that the auditorium and sector ticket selection is not supported in Internet Explorer browser. You can download the latest version of the most popular browser programs from the following links:

Mozilla Firefox download


Google Chrome download

2.1 Audience ticket selection

For matches where tickets are for seats, by clicking on the "Buy ticket" or "Pre-Buy" icon, the auditorium will be displayed with a sector or seat display.


2.2 Sector ticket selection

For larger auditoriums, you will first see sectors, not specific seats. Sectors in green are available for ticket purchase. For sectors in grey tickets are no longer available, the indicated sectors have orange display colour.  Once the sector is selected, the seats are displayed, while the stadium view in the lower right corner will still be visible in small. The floor plan of the displayed sector can be set into the desired size and position with the zoom in/zoom out and direction buttons. If you do not wish to purchase a ticket in the selected sector, you can return to the auditorium view by clicking on the zoomed out view of the stadium or by clicking on the "basic view" button () at the top right section.


2.3 Seat ticket selection

If the auditorium is non-sectored or you have already selected the desired sector, you will see a detailed view of the auditorium (or sector). Here you can view and select the tickets for the seats of your choice. Available seats are indicated in green. By moving the cursor onto the seat in the auditorium, you can view the current ticket and seat information in the opening text window.By clicking on the chosen seat, its color changes to orange and it will be moved to your cart. By clicking on the ticket, it can be deselected from the cart.


2.4 Ticket offering

Some sectors or auditoriums may have so-called "ticket offerings" where the system automatically selects available seats in the sector. In such case it is not possible for the Customer to select the seat himself/herself. In case the sector has a "ticket offering" function a text box appears when clicking on the sector. Here you can select from the available price categories and chose the quantity of the tickets you wish to purchase (the Organizer may set a quantitative limit here). Then, depending on the available tickets, the system will select adjacent seats in the given quantity (if there are enough tickets available in the sector) that you can see in the auditorium displayed in orange. If you would like to add more tickets, click on the sector, enter the number of tickets you want to purchase and new tickets will be offered by the system.  If you would like to purchase tickets in a different sector as well, click on the "basic view" button () or on the auditorium in the lower right corner and click on the sector you wish to select. The total number of the selected tickets cannot exceed the maximum number of tickets defined by the Organizer for purchase and to be moved to the cart.


2.5 Arrival or standing ticket purchase

If the auditorium, or one of its sectors does not have a numbered seating order that is, you may take your seat for the match in the order of arrival, you can add tickets to your cart by specifying the desired number of tickets for the match. The number of tickets that can be moved into the cart may be limited and vary by matches.


2.6 Browsing after adding tickets to the cart

After adding your tickets to the cart, you have 15 minutes to purchase the tickets. Up to the 15 minutes you may add more tickets to your cart. If you do not wish to add more tickets to your cart, click on the "Move to Cart" button below the auditorium. You can browse any part of the website, by clicking on the cart icon in the upper right corner you can view your basket and see the tickets you have added to the cart so far.


2.7 Sold out tickets

If the indication "Sold Out" or "Not Available" is shown next to a match, there are no more tickets available in our online system or tickets are not sold at the moment.

3. Pre-buy and discounts

3.1 MLSZ Fan Club

The Event Organizer may provide members of the MLSZ Fan Club with the opportunity to purchase tickets for certain matches prior to the public ticket purchase period. In such case the system shows the "Pre-Buy" button next to the match. Click on this to verify that you are an MLSZ Fan Club member by entering your card number and card PIN, then click on the "Go to Match" button to enter the ticket purchase interface.

We ask the fans with Fradi cards to enter the letters FTC in front of the card number without a space (for example FTC1237654). If you have not changed your club card PIN, please use the default code consisting of the month and day of your birth date (for example 0522). Click here to change your PIN.

By using the Club Card / Football Card you consent to the transfer of your personal data by the card issuing organization (data controller) or its agent (data processor) to the Organizer of the sports event and its data processor.

With the Fan Club membership you are entitled to the discount advertised on the following website: https://szurkoloiklub.mlsz.hu/This will be automatically deducted from the ticket price (that is, in the sector view you may still see the full price) on the Ticket Naming (i.e. providing personal information) page after the validation of the card.


3.2 Other discounts

The Event Organizer is also entitled to determine other discounts on the ticket price. On the cart page, you can see the available discounts for each ticket by clicking on the "Total Price" panel, and after selecting the desired discount, the system will automatically change the ticket price to be paid. The discount is assigned per ticket. Make sure that the tickets in your cart are listed at the right price before making the payment, as it is not possible to redeem the tickets or apply the rebates after the purchase.

Please note that some types of discounts are conditional (e.g. pensioner discount), and unauthorized discount users may be prevented from entering the event by the Organizers. In the event of such situation it is not possible to redeem the ticket.

4. The Cart

The use of the cart

You can see the tickets selected by you in the cart grouped by sectors, listed in different lines. In the upper left corner you can see the number of tickets in the cart and in the upper right corner you can see the remaining time displayed. If the time runs out, the contents of the cart will be deleted after prior warnings. You can see the match you have selected with its date and location, and for each ticket the sector, row, seat and ticket price is shown as well. Tickets can be deleted one by one with the red "x" next to the ticket price, and tickets in the same block can be deleted with the "x" above the blocks all at the same time. In case of Ticket offerings the tickets cannot be deleted one by one.

The total price to be paid is shown under the tickets. Please review the content of your cart prior to clicking on the "Next" button. Purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or redeemed.


 4.2 Providing Personal Information

In the case of name-specific tickets, you will need to enter the appropriate details for each ticket separately on the cart page. By clicking on the "Add name" button the "Ticket naming" data sheet for the actual ticket will appear in one line on the right side. As a fan card holder, you should select the "Fan Card" option, enter the card number and PIN in the appropriate fields and click on the "Add to Ticket" button. If you do not have a card, select the "Enter Data" option. Completing the field for the name prefix (e.g. Jr.) and suffix (e.g. dr.) is optional but the Last name, First name, Birth place and country and Birth date are mandatory fields. The Mother's name field is optional as well. Use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the bottom of each ticket to navigate through the datasheets. By clicking next to the datasheet you can return to the cart page at any time. Once the required information is entered for each ticket, you can proceed from the cart page to payment by clicking on the "Next" button.

In case of MLSZ Fan Club pre-buys, personal information can only be provided with a Club Card / Football Card.

The personal data provided will be compared with the data of the Sport Police Administration (hereinafter as SRNY) managed by the Police, and in case of a match the purchase cannot be continued.

Only one ticket per match can be purchased per person, either with a club card or by providing personal information.

Name-specific tickets, passes and vouchers are not transferable without change after they have been issued. The Organizer (in the case of a sporting events held abroad or away, the domestic sports organization participating in the organization) may decide to provide a so called renaming option for registered Entry tickets free of charge or for a certain fee.

5. Delivery method, receipt of tickets

For online ticket sales e-mail delivery is possible. The Organizer can specify whether you can download a ticket (E-ticket) or a voucher from the link included in the purchase confirmation email.


5.1 E-ticket

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with a link after the purchase. By clicking on the link you can download your ticket in a PDF format.  Please print the sent PDF document individually for each ticket purchased or take those with you on your Smartphone. To open the PDF document, you need a suitable program, such as Adobe Reader, which is free to download: Adobe Reader download.  The E-ticket is a complete electronic ticket entitling you to enter the event. The sequential number and barcode on the E-ticket contain all information related to the order. It can be used to identify the ticket, no other security feature is required. The barcode is checked electronically at the venue of the event.  Please note that for non-registered, full-price tickets the E-ticket is in itself valid and entitles for entry. Under no circumstances should an unauthorized person make a copy of your E-ticket!  Since the barcode reader system cannot differentiate the original or the copied barcode, the first scanned E-ticket is accepted as the original ticket in each case. Any other E-ticket with the same barcode will be considered as a duplicate, i.e. an invalid ticket.


5.2 Voucher

The Organizer (typically in case of matches abroad) may decide on receipt by voucher. In this case, you will be sent a confirmation letter of purchase to the specified e-mail address after the purchase, from which you can access the voucher to receive your ticket. Please have this voucher printed as this will be needed to pick up your ticket at the location and in the manner specified by the Organizer.

6. Payment

6.1. Purchase information


By clicking on the "Next" button on the cart page a side dialogue will appear. Here the "1. Billing Information" fields must be completed first, where you can choose between the options "Personal" or "Business". If the option "Personal" is selected, the first and last name of the person to whom the invoice will be issued must be provided. If the option "Business" is selected, the company name and VAT number must be provided. The remaining fields are the same for both options: Country, Postal code, City, Address, House number, Floor, Door, Others, Phone number, E-mail address and its confirmation. Once each field is completed you have the opportunity to move on to   "2.Shipping Methods" by pressing the "Next" button, where you can select from the currently available options on how you would like to receive your ticket. Finally, you can move on to "3. Payment Methods". Here the payment service provider of your choice can be selected.

You can change the previously entered information at any time by clicking on the "Edit" button next to each menu item. Once each information is provided, you can click on the "Next" button to proceed to the Summary page. On this page, the details of your purchase will be shown. In the bottom field you can find the InterTicket Kft.General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, the information according to § 15 Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26.), this Purchase Information, the GTC, Privacy Policy and the Course Rules of the Organizer, MLSZ. By clicking on these links the actual document will be displayed on a new page thus, reading it will not interrupt the purchase process. In addition to listing the statements, you have the option of accepting them by ticking the box and confirming that you are over 18 years of age.

Please note that tickets purchased - for a specific time and date - are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for other tickets.


6.2 Payment by credit card

InterTicket uses credit card payment services from several banks and payment service providers. The Customer can choose from the currently available service providers. The Customer shall enter his / her credit card details on the bank's secure bank interface. Neither InterTicket Kft., nor MLSZ has access to these data.

Please note the following, when entering your credit card information:

- Credit card type: select the card type from the drop-down menu;

- Name of the credit card issuing bank: enter the name of the card issuing bank in the same format as it is indicated on the card;

- Name indicated on the credit card: enter the name of the card holder indicated on the card;

- Credit card number: enter the 15- or 16-digit card number indicated on the card, without spaces or dashes. If you are using an OTP Maestro card with a 10-digit card number, please enter 675761 in front of the characters indicated on the card. Important! The credit card number is not the same as the bank account number!

-Expiry date: the expiry date is Indicated on the card in a month/year format (e.g. 10/19 - Oct, 2019);

-Security code: also referred to as CVC2 of CVV2. Embossed cards (Visa Classic, MasterCard and American Express) always have a verification code indicated. Other credit card types may have a security code as well. The last 3-digit character of the number that is indicated on the back of the card above/below/next to the card holder's signature. In case your card has a CVC2 code, please enter the code when making payment;

The result of the transaction is automatically sent to the ticketing system by the financial service provider within a few seconds. Please do not close your browser or interrupt the process. A confirmation will be sent by the system to the e-mail address indicated on the form, which will include the parameters of the tickets purchased.

7. Cancellation of purchase

The purchases may be terminated at any time before the "Payment" button is pressed without consequences. According to § 29 (1) paragraph point l) of Government decree 45/2014. (II.26), there is no right of withdrawal or cancellation for the Customer if the Entry ticket for the event is for a specific time (given day, deadline). In this case, the service provider will not be able to redeem the ticket or refund the purchase price (except in case the event is cancelled).

In case the Customer has purchased a ticket that is not issued for a specific time (e.g. museum passes that can be used at any time), or if he/she has purchased another product (e.g. book, publication, merchandising products, etc.) besides the ticket to which the rules of right of withdrawal and cancellation apply regulated in  45/2014 Government Decree (II.26), then for these the detailed description can be found in Annex II and III, and Section VII of the GTC of InterTicket Kft.

Only shopping is possible through our system, tickets cannot be booked or set aside. By entering the required information and then entering the credit card details on the bank interface, which is accepted by the bank, the tickets are bought successfully. According to the above, for tickets issued for a specific date the purchase cannot be modified, cancelled or withdrawn.


8. Purchase confirmation

The InterTicket system will automatically notify you of the successful purchase via e-mail. In case you fail to receive the confirmation within 1 hour please do not initiate a new purchase but call the following phone number: +36-1-235-0761 or e-mail us at the following e-mail addressmlsz@interticket.hu. The successful completion of the purchase does not depend on the receipt of a confirmation. Failure to receive a confirmation may be caused by a communication error also, please contact Customer Service in such case as well.

9. Payment error

In case an error occurs during the payment completion please contact our Customer Service (+36-1-235-0761) and do not re-initiate the purchase process

10. Requesting an invoice for credit card purchases

An electronic invoice is automatically issued for the tickets purchased to the name given by the Customer and it is sent via e-mail. If the Customer has inaccurately provided the customer information to be included on the invoice and the invoice has been issued with this incorrect content, the Customer has the opportunity to request the amendment of the invoice one time. Considering the accounting and tax obligations and deadlines, the request for amendment must be notified within the calendar month of the delivery date of the invoice and within the 5th calendar day of the following calendar month.

The Customer must submit his/her request for the invoice amendment to our Customer Service (to the mlsz@interticket.hu e-mail address) via e-mail.

11. Admission to the event

By purchasing the ticket you agree to the course rules published by the Organizer.The Organizer may deny entry to the event if you fail to verify your identity at the Organizer's request or if during the verification it turns out that your personal data do not match the personal data assigned to the name-specific ticket or you cannot prove your eligibility for a discount ticket. Entry will be denied even if you are subject to a domestic, foreign, exclusion, ban or prohibition affecting the same sporting event. For more information on the course rules please visit the Organizer's website.

12. Cancelled matches

We will do our best to inform you in case of the event being cancelled and to facilitate the redemption of your tickets. At the same time, you should be aware that the process, venue and deadline for redemption of tickets will be decided by the Event Organizer and the Event Organizer is responsible for its realization. Unless otherwise stated by the Event Organizer, in the event of a missed match, ticket prices will be refunded as follows:

If the Organizer changes the program by exercising its right to change the advertised program or its time, the event will not be considered as missed.

The refund will not be settled based on the account number or credit card number as the bank account number of the Customer is not known to us due to security reasons and credit card information are not processed or stored by us. Based on the transaction data generated during the transaction, the bank of your choice will credit the amount to the Customers. In case of online purchases, the bank will credit the countervalue within 30 banking days, in accordance with its own internal rules. If you do not receive the credited amount within this time, please contact our Customer Service.


13. Protection and storing of data

Please read the Privacy Policy before entering your personal information, which can be accessed under the Information section of the page header or by clicking herePlease note that neither InterTicket nor the Organizer are responsible for any damages resulting from the provision of incorrect, erroneous or false information or e-mail address provided during the purchase. The Organizer is entitled to check the documents of identification in the case of name-specific tickets and in the case of discount tickets the documents proving the eligibility. In the case of lost or stolen tickets, it is not possible to issue a new bar code, InterTicket and the Organizer shall not be liable for any resulting exclusion and shall not be liable for any damages.

14. Telephone, Internet Customer Services

Please contact the InterTicket Customer Service at any of the following contact details in case of any questions in relation to matches and tickets:

Phone: +36-1-235-0761

Weekdays: 09:00-17:00 hrs

Match days: 09:00 - until the end of the first half

3 days prior to match day:  between 09:00 and 18:00 hours

E-mail address: mlsz@interticket.hu

On Dec 24 your calls will be taken between 09:00 and 12:00 hrs only.

15. Wheelchair / company ticket purchase process:

Please note that a wheelchair tickets may only be used by eligible persons. Wheelchair orders will not be accepted 72 hours before the match.

There are wheelchair spaces provided for disabled people and a seating area in the auditorium for the accompanying person next to it. Fans in wheelchairs must attend with an accompanying person. The wheelchair space is free of charge while the ticket for the accompanying person costs HUF 3,000. Wheelchair spaces are located above the 100 sectors on the first floor cloister.

You can initiate your order by filling out the form, click here to see the form.

Once your order has been received, we will send you a link through which you can pay for your tickets by credit card. You have 48 hours available for making payment. The E-tickets and the invoice will be sent via e-mail once the amount has been received. The forms are processed in the order of arrival.

16. Name reassignment

Purchased tickets can be re-named to another person by their owner (whose details appear on the ticket) online. The name on the ticket can be changed only once.

For the online name change, a name change voucher must be purchased (click here for the voucher), than the form must be completed by clicking hereThe amended ticket will be e-mailed to the Customer requesting the change. Name change requests will not be accepted 72 hours before the match.

Important! Tickets purchased online can only be re-registered online.

If the ticket to be re-registered was purchased with a fan card and Fan Club registration with a discount, we will only be able to register the ticket to a Fan Club member. If the new owner to be named does not yet have a Fan Club membership, he/she should join the Fan Club prior to registration. Club cards may be requested at the following website: https://klubkartya.mlsz.hu/  After receiving the card, please register on the Fan Club site: https://szurkoloiklub.mlsz.hu/.

For safety or other legitimate reasons, MLSZ may decide at any match not to provide the opportunity to re-name tickets that had been already purchased. Fans will be notified in such case.

Please note that in case of a name change the original ticket will be invalidated and entry to the match will no longer be possible with it!


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